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Julia's clothes are not only 
better made than anything you could buy in a store, but they fit my individual 
personality perfectly.I can't imagine going on stage without wearing something 
by Julia. And these days, audience members compliment me on my clothes almost 
as much as my performances! Rachel Barton Pine, violinist


Thank you so much! You not only altered 
my clothes, you altered my self image! Working with you is like having Tim Gunn 
and Gretta Monahan from Tim Gunn's Guide to Style wrapped up in one person. You not 
only made my clothes look fantastic, you helped me understand how to select clothes 
that flatter my figure and highlight those parts you pointed out as lovely. Thanks 
to you, I've learned to embrace my voluptious Marilyn Monroe figure and for the first 
time EVER I look in the mirror and see the positive rather than focusing on the 
negative. You truly have a gift for making people look their best and FEEL beautiful! 
Lynette Ackman



Julia- I really can't say enough about the 
beautiful wedding dress you created for me! I absolutely loved it - everyone says 
that it was 'totally you'. I was so comfortable too.It felt 'me' yet I felt special 
and elegant.Another gift you gave me was 'walking me through the journey.' You are 
the type of artist who is able to really understand a person and create something 
that not only represents that person but also brings out the best in that person. 
Incredibly insightful! I'm really glad that we met and had a chance to get to know 
each other. Thanks again for your friendship and a wonderful dress experience and 
a beautiful dress as a result! Love, Winnie 



I wish you could have been there to share 
our big day with us! We must have done something right in life to be granted such an 
extraordinary day. I cannot thank you enough for creating and making my wedding dress. 
It was everything I expected and much, much more-- I felt like a million bucks and 
the fact that it withstood some pretty wild partying long into the night is itself 
a tribute to your skills as a seamstress! Beata

I just wanted to thank you for doing such 
an amazing job on my wedding dress. I absolutely loved it and you were right, the pink 
was the best part! I felt so beautiful and so much like myself. You are a dress making 
genius. More than anything, I appreciate you accompanying me and my dress on our 
journey. It was a pleasure and a privilage to get to know you. Thank you for all of 
your hard work and love. I am forever grateful Julia. Love, Mara

Love the five vests. Julia- I love all my 
Julia- creations and my signature vests -Leslie


Julia, I wanted to thank you for creating 
such a fabulous dress for my wedding. I felt amazing in the dress. Everyone loved the 
dress and it was perfect for the event and the setting. Thank you so much. It was fun 
working with you. Love. Jennifer


Thank you so much for everything that you 
did to make my wedding a happy event. If it weren't for you and your calming influence 
and cool head, I surely would have slit my wrists. Of course, I also thank you for the 
'dress of my dreams'. We did it again! Every time someone complimented me on my dress, 
my response was- Thank you, Julia is a genius. That you are. as a small token of my 
appreciation I'm going to try to remain the same size until your fashion show! Please 
thank Hal for me as well. His contributions to the evening did not go unnoticed. I 
really appreciated his help and calming presence. He's a keeper. Thank you for helping 
to make the most important day of my life a very happy memory. Sincerely, Dawn


Julia- I can't thank you enough for making 
the big day so special and making me feel so uniquely beautiful. Don't worry... more 
pictures to follow -Jeannie and Doug


Unto the most skilled and generous Mistress 
Juliana Peri da Novellara do their Majesties Alaric and Noelle send warm greetings and 
heartfelt thanks! Dear Julianna, We saved your note for last, hoping that time would 
bring us the words we lost when we first tried to express our immense gratitude and 
amazement with the garb you master-minded for us at coronation! But alas, we still fail 
to do justice to your incredible work with our humble thanks. As we said when we recieved 
the garments from your hands, they are undoubtedly the loveliest we ever will wear in our 
lives! The design, the colors, the details are just perfect. We hope you enjoyed making 
the clothing as much as we will enjoy wearing it!! Your Loving majesties, Noelle and 
AlaricDear julia, Thank you for making my day so 
special through all your hard work on my dress, the gloves, the scarf etc... the day was 
a success; everyone thought that I was beautiful! the detail on the butterflies and all 
the effort you put in did not go unnoticed. My friend from Christian Dior really admired 
your work. Well done and once again Thank You! Sandra P.S. Emily wore the nicest 
bridesmaid dress!