My name really is Julia Needlman. I live in Chicago, on the near North side. My great grandfather was a tailor of women¡¯s clothes. I have been sewing for over 40 years. I started with Barbie dolls in shepherdess gowns (like the porcelain statuettes at my grandmother¡¯s house) and I made my way to the Costume shop in High School. I hold a BFA in Costume Design and Play Directing. I have been studying Historical Clothing for all these years. I still love to make clothes.


The genes I got from my heritage are really engineering genes. I understand the shapes of patterns and bodies. I study the way we move and the way fabric can stretch and conform to this movement. I have taught privately and some seminars.


I also love the challenge of honoring each person¡¯s essence, each person¡¯s body. It is wonderful to create a new look or alter a beloved old dress to truly fit and also suit. When we accept all our quirks as part of the whole package we have less stress about dressing ourselves and more fun doing it.


Sewing is a gift like playing a musical instrument ¨C commitment and practice are the keys to greatness. I still practice all the time.     Home